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Alternative Careers For Retired Medical Professionals

Doctors are one of the few professionals in any industry who go on practicing their job long after they have officially retired from state service. They practice in private hospitals, clinics and medical centres and have little to no reason for slowing down. Unlike doctors however, other members of the medical profession don’t always get a second chance. So here are some alternative career paths for those who want to keep working; 

Nurses and Medical Sisters

Some of these women and men have more experience and knowledge than a bunch of doctors combined, and their knowledge and experience goes to waste once they retire. You can revive your skill by joining a private hospital, which are always looking for trained, experienced professionals. This will allow you to keep working until you physically cannot anymore. There are also plenty of openings in critical care centres and medical clinics in remote areas, which have few personnel but face a lot of accidents and injuries that require care. If you would rather spend a more sedate life, apply to join the medical team of a big corporate entity or become a school nurse.

Ward Attendants

These are the unsung heroes of a hospital, the ones who attend to a patient in all non-medical matters such as bathing them, cleaning out wounds etc. By the end of a career, an attendant may be as experienced and as qualified as a nurse, all of which will go to waste if you simply retire. If you’re looking for further employment, apply to aged care services where experienced caregivers are always in demand.

You can join a service which matches you with elderly clients to provide aged care services for them and draw a monthly pay, or you can contact an agency that simply hooks you up with potential clients and leave the nitty-gritty of negotiating pay, board and lodging to you.

Equipment Specialists

X ray technicians scan technicians, radiologists, physiotherapists and other trained professionals in the medical industry are highly sought after by private hospitals and healthcare clinics for their expertise, which comes mostly from experience. Thus, retirement is never the end for you. Some may also find employment in companies that manufacture special medical equipment as a qualified consultant, since someone with actual experience in using the equipment can be a valuable asset during the R&D stage. If not, you can always get together with a few friends, secure financing and start your own licensed clinic or laboratory depending on the area you specialize in. If all else fails, there are plenty of good employment opportunities in the Middle Eastern countries of Dubai and Qatar, which are more liberal nations who hire foreign professionals for their hospitals.